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Our Expertise

Looking for a quality Security Guard Service you can depend on? Well, look no further.

We provide round-the-clock security guards, corporate services, and more for your home or business.


Trust us to protect your premises and assets at 4 POINT SECURITY GROUP, INC.

Construction Site Security

Sites with no or inadequate security and safety measures are easy target for vandalism, theft and unlawful entrance. This is where we come in, to safe guard your materials, supplies and equipment, whether you are on or off site.

Building Security
Private Security

Commercial or office building security service is another area in which we will secure your organization. From lobby security, perimeter surveillance, cc camera monitoring, access control monitor.  

We provide security services tailored to meet our clients' needs

School Security

We provide unique security for schools and other educational institutions that require the service of our well trained security officers.  

Event Security

Crowd control is very essential at any event, our specially trained officers will be on ground to ensure that event run smoothly and itch free. We provide high level of security for all types of events, small or large

Patrol Service

With our branded vehicle, we ensure that your large perimeter like parking lot, and large store surroundings are fully patrolled, serving as deterrent to any form of intrusion into your properties. 

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